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Sunday, 01 March 2015 19:00



Scully Nest Boxes to Get New Predator Guards

Seatuck board member Mike Jaklitsh recently braved the cold and ice to install a new predator guard on one of our nest boxes on the marsh at Scully (see photo above). The boxes are designed to support small cavity nesting birds, such as tree swallows and eastern bluebirds. But because of relentless predation by raccoons over the past few years very few of the two-dozen boxes on the property have supported productive nests. Past efforts to protect the boxes have had mixed results. However, with this new baffle seemingly up to the task - and with some generous help from our friends at Wild Birds Unliminted in Oakdale - we're going to outfit every box on the marsh with a new baffle in time for the 2015 nesting season. Now (and I really do hate to say this) we just have to hope it stays frozen long enough so we can easily access the nest boxes!

If the baffles are successful - and if we can find additional support - we'll move our efforts over to protect the nest boxes at the South Shore Nature Center in East Islip.

Volunteers and supporters are welcome! Please let us konw if you'd like to help with the installation work or support the program. Thank you.

And thanks for the good work, Mike! 

- Enrico

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