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Wednesday, 09 April 2014 21:20

3/26 Alewife Update

ChrisScott Carlls

Even with the cold winter Long Island had a surprisingly early start to the 2014 alewife migration, with fish already reported this month in the Peconic River, Carmans River, Sunken Meadow Creek, Alewife Creek and Carlls River. The East End sites (Peconic River and Alewife Creek) were the first places to see fish, which is not surprising as the runs have moved east to west across the island in past years. The Carlls, Carmans and Sunken Meadow sitings were all from late last week. But this latest cold snap seems to have put the brakes on the run for now. As things (hopefully) start to warm-up we expect the fish to really start pouring into the tributaries!

Thanks to all the surveyors who have been out checking for fish and recording their findings on the on-line submission form. We've already had nearly 20 different people submit their data! Keep it up everyone!

Seatuck has also been busy working with our partners at Cornell Cooperative Extenstion to get our video and electronic monitoring systems up and running. We still have some kinks to work out and some fine-tuning to do, but I'm happy to report that we have systems functioning on the Peconic River, Carmans River, Carlls River and Massapequa Creek. We'll share some information from the couting systems as the data comes in.

Chris Scott (above @ Carlls River fishway), who is working with Seatuck on the alewife monitoring systems and GIS mapping this spring, found the alewife in the photo below at the base of the Carlls River fishway on Friday, March 24. We're always sorry to find a dead fish, but we took the fact that it was near the fishway as a good sign - we're hopeful that others were more successful in using the new passage. And we're hopeful that we'll be able to document that fish are using the fishway as the season progresses.

CarllsAlewife 032414

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