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Wednesday, 09 April 2014 21:23

First Fish!

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After several years of working with the Village of Babylon to restore alewife habitat in the Carlls River, we were thrilled this week to document the first fish using the new fishway at Argyle Lake. The fish is arguably the first fish to make it past the Argyle Lake dam since it was constructed in the 1880s! Learn more about the story and see footage of the pioneering alewife below ...



There are a lot of people who deserve credit and thanks for this small conservation victory. I have to start with Brian Kelder who, back in 2009 when he was Seatuck's Fisheries Scientist, commenced the conversation with the Village of Babylon about the idea of fish passage and helped them get funding for the project at Argyle Lake. Brian has long since moved on to Massachusetts (where he continues to work on migratory fish restoration for the Ipswich River Waterhshed Association), but his mark on Long Island is still being felt.

A great deal of credit is also due to Mayor Ralph Scordino and his team at the Village of Babylon. They (Skip, Scott, Junior and others) not only built and installed the fishway in-house (impressive, right?), but have also been a tremendous help in constructing the housing for the underwater camera and readying the site for the monitoring project. Thanks is owed to Carl Alderson and his colleague at NOAA's Restoration Center for supporting and helping to fund the project and to Alex Haro at the USGS Conte Lab for his technical advice in getting the camera to work. Finally, Seatuck has been fortunate to have the good help of Chris Scott (who will soon be returning to his work with DEC) - his skill, patience and persistence throughout this project was key in capturing the image of this pioneering alewife ... and all those that will follow! Thanks, everyone!

- Enrico

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