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Friday, 18 April 2014 13:31

Front Page Alewife Press!

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More great press about our alewife work with the Village of Babylon! The Babylon Beacon ran the following piece on the Carlls River Fishway project on the front page of their April 18 issue ...

Apr2014 Beacon Article-1Apr2014 Beacon Article-2

The Carman's River, of course, is in Brookhaven, not Massapequa Creek. I think the author meant "and Massapequa Creek, where the project was started five years ago." And one other correction: we helped get some expert advice on the design of the fishway, but didn't supervise the structure's construction and installation. Anyone who knows anything about the Village of Babylon's fantastic DPW team knows that they certainly don't need any supervision from Seatuck when it comes to construction and installation! But I'm not complaining - it's a great article and we appreciate the Beacon's interest in the project! Thanks, Beacon!

- Enrico

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