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Wednesday, 16 May 2012 00:00

Newly Hatched Quail

it's that time of year. All of the animals in the forest are 'twitterpated' and have started raising youngsters. So far, I've seen newborn fawns and a den of six red fox pups. The quail we raised last year, and overwintered in the coop outside, are no different. They have laid over forty eggs and ten have hatched so far! All of the eggs that hatched are from last year's quail and we're still patiently waiting on the other newcomers to break out of their shells. The first egg discovered in the coop on April 10th, was moved to the…
Monday, 30 January 2012 00:00

New Sign and (Hopefully) a Safer Crossing

January 30, 2012 I was pleasantly surprised to see this new sign on the road to the Environmental Center today ... IMG_0471 The road, as anyone who lives in the area knows, is like a race track ... literally.  As I learned during the years I lived at the nature center, it's not uncommon to hear engines screaming under the cover of darkness or to find tire marks littering the road in the morning - evidence of a night of speeding and drag-racing.  And even the general pace of traffic down the mile long stretch to the Islip Town Beach…
Saturday, 10 December 2011 00:00

Flying Finish

What a night.  It started with Seatuck's annual Holiday Potluck at the nature center.  An amazing collection of food and desserts, great people and fantastic music from Bob Pinnola and Mike Immerman (the "acoustic" Suburban Brothers!).  During the party, I also had the great pleasure of giving our annual volunteer award (the Good Tern Award) to two of my favorite people: Peter and Noreen DiMento.  It was certainly a well-deserved honor, as they are simply two of the most important parts of the Seatuck family. Then, to top off the night ... after getting home and heading out to walk…
Saturday, 10 December 2011 00:00

Strange Winter Visitor

This strange winter got a bit stranger at Seatuck last night. Just as we were closing up for the night, a bat (little brown, I think) came swooping into our main office, did a few laps around the large room and landed on the wall. We opened the door to the office balcony (if that sounds strange, you'll have to come for a visit!), but it didn't seem interested in going outside. Instead, it fell off the wall into another series of gentle circles around the room. When it finally took a break, I managed to coax it into a…
Monday, 31 October 2011 00:00

Owl Prowl! [also in Owl Prowl 5K]

The 2nd Annual Seatuck Owl Prowl is in the books.  Despite the weekend’s weather, we had an amazing turnout (433 finishers!) and a great morning.  If you haven’t seen them, the full results can be found at Island Timing’s website (   Also, photographer (and Seatuck volunteer!) Craig Low took a ton of amazing photos of the event, including all finishers, costumed participants and many of the Monster-Mashers.  You’d can see (6and purchase) his photos at this site (;jsessionid=24303c27ad2521d76233?&categoryId=0&eventInstanceId=23230&pageSize=200&curPage=1) With the race fresh in my memory, here’s a few other random thoughts on the day: • My first impression in…
Friday, 21 October 2011 00:00

Autumn Decor

The crisp autumn air hasn't been the only refreshing shift Seatuck has received the past two weeks.  The building has received its annual fall makeover which wouldn't be complete without diligent volunteers, flying bats, a staircase spider, and mice climbing the light fixtures.  There's more to the decorating than just atmosphere however.   All of Seatuck's Halloween displays are designed to mimic the natural world by including only native animals you would find locally this time of year. Everyone joined the creative process.  The Great South Bay Garden Club devoted hours to beautifying the Scully Mansion entrance and walkways.  Seatuck friend,…
Thursday, 16 December 2010 00:00

Fox Visit

December 16, 2010Fox Visit [also in Wildlife] Turns out our newest staff member, Jessie Comba, is not only a fantastic educator and all-round great person, but she's pretty adept with a camera, too.  Today she captured some beautiful images of a pair of neighborhood fox that stop by the Environmental Center to romp around for a while.  One of them dug up a cached carcass and ran off with it.  Beautiful animals, aren't they?  Enjoy.  Thanks, Jessie! - Enrico The cache is found Digging The second fox kept an eye on the progress. The inevitable…
Monday, 25 October 2010 00:00

KIC It! (Take Two)

KIC 1010 -2  KIC - always there when we need them! This past Saturday over twenty student volunteers from Islip High School's Keep Islip Clean Club arrived to help us get ready for the big Spooktacular weekend and our inaugural Owl Prowl 5K run.  They worked on assembling boardwalks and clearing trails for the upcoming events.  Their work, which continued a project they started in April when they helped us get ready for our Earth Day grand opening, has focused on our "North Woods Trail." Thanks to KIC's help, the new trail is nearly complete and will be…
Tuesday, 11 March 2008 18:42

Giving Fish Room to Run

Years ago, many of Long Island's coastal tributaries would be shimmering with excited activity this time of year as the annual alewife runs returned. The small, silver-sided river herring would herald the arrival of spring as they raced in from the open sea to spawn in the cool, clean freshwater of our rivers and creeks. Alewife, like salmon, are diadromous, which means they hatch and spend the early part of their lives in freshwater before moving out to live the majority of their lives in the ocean. When they reach maturity they return to the freshwater systems of their birth…
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