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Wednesday, 16 May 2012 00:00

Newly Hatched Quail


it's that time of year. All of the animals in the forest are 'twitterpated' and have started raising youngsters. So far, I've seen newborn fawns and a den of six red fox pups. The quail we raised last year, and overwintered in the coop outside, are no different. They have laid over forty eggs and ten have hatched so far! All of the eggs that hatched are from last year's quail and we're still patiently waiting on the other newcomers to break out of their shells.

The first egg discovered in the coop on April 10th, was moved to the indoor incubator and hatched a month later on May 6th. We moved most of the eggs indoors because the outside quail did not appear to be caring for their eggs. However, we have since had over ten eggs laid in the coop with a very motherly quail watching over them. We are hoping they will hatch and prove to be the first quail-raised chicks at Seatuck!

If you come down to take a look at their progress, I'm sure one of the first things you'll hear as you exit your car, are the quail calling, with a loud "bob-white." We have released several adult quail and still see them wandering around the property. There have even been reports of quail sightings in the surrounding neighborhood yards. We're very hopeful that a population will start to sustain itself in the coming years.

- Peter

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