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While schools and offices are closed and people are staying home, our "Get Out With Seatuck" project aims to help everyone get outside and explore the natural world around their homes. Every morning we'll post a new nature-based activity or challenge for you. Follow us here, or on Facebook or Instagram, to get your daily dose of nature!


Challenge #1 - Look for a sign of spring (and post a picture to Seatuck's Facebook page, if you can!)

Challenge #2 - Look for three different kinds of birds and explain how they're different.

GetOutPaintTreeChallenge #3 - Spell your name out of nature objects you find (and post a picture to Seatuck's Facebook page, if you can!)

Challenge #4 - Find an insect and take a picture of it - and share it with your friends!

Challenge #5 - Draw or paint a tree while sitting by one.

Challenge #6 - Find a seed that blows in the wind.

Challenge #7 - If it's wet out, paint a picture with mud and post a picture!

Challenge #8 - Paint a rock or two - give them to family or friends!

Challenge #9 - Read a book outside (then tell someone about it)

Challenge #10 - Hide a toy outside using camouflage, then take a photo and see if you family and friends can find it.






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