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Long Island Diadromous Fish Restoration Strategy


The decline of diadromous fish has a major impact on the health of our coastal ecosystem, as these fish play a vital role in transferring ocean energy into estuarine, freshwater and upland habitats, and provide indispensable forage for countless other species. It is no exaggeration to say that they help to drive Long Island’s entire coastal food web. Rebuilding their populations across the region is a critical component in restoring the health of our estuaries.

Seatuck's Long Island Diadromous Fish Restoration Strategy provides a long-term road map for rebuilding populations of River Herring, American Eel and Brook Trout. It provides background on the region's diadromous species, details available restoration tools and techniques, establishes benchmarks to measure restoration efforts, and identifies priority restoration sites in each of Long Island's thirteen Towns.  

Click here to download the Long Island Diadromous Fish Restoration Strategy.

The Restoration Strategy accompanies Seatuck's River Revival Map, which maps and provides details of the more than 125 rivers and streams in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Click here to explore the River Revival Map.

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