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Restoring Our Rivers, Streams and Migratory Fish

Seatuck’s Long Island River Revival Project seeks to restore the ecological health of the region’s coastal rivers and streams.

Long Island’s abundant coastal tributaries–a legacy of our glacial history–were once an important part of the island’s coastal ecosystem. For thousands of years they provided a vital link between upland and marine habitats.

Unfortunately, the island’s rivers and streams have been undervalued and mistreated for centuries. From historic impoundments for mills and ice to ever-encroaching development, our tributaries have been significantly degraded and their ecological functions severely compromised.

By reestablishing connectivity, improving habitat, and rebuilding populations of migratory fish, we can restore our tributaries to their proper role in the coastal ecosystem. In the process we can reconnect communities with their local waterways.

There are two major components of the River Revival Project: 1) a GIS-based map of Long Island's rivers and streams, and 2) a Diadromous Fish Restoration Strategy.

1. River Revival Project Map

The River Revival Project Map is a GIS-based map that identifies every river and stream in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. It shows where migratory fish have access, and where they don't. It also identiifes the tributaries where river herring runs are known to exist, and where all the existing, planned or proposed connectivity projects are on the island. The goal is that it will be a tool to engage citizens in the restoration of rivers and streams in their own communities.

Explore the map! You can enter the river map directly (by clicking on the left button below) or through our River Revival Project "Story Map" (by clicking on the right button below), which provides additional background on tributaries and migratory fish before taking you to the river map:



2. Diadromous Fish Restoration Strategy 

The second major component of Seatuck's River Revival Project is our "Diadromous Fish Restoration Strategy." This strategy document provides a road map for restoring Long Island's populations of river herring, American eel and brook trout. It specifically sets a goal of growing Long Island's overall river herring population to 1.5 million fish over the next two decades. The strategy document also includes:

  • Background information on Long Island's diadromous species
  • Resource links to technical guidance on fish passes, eel passes and river-friendly culverts & stream crossings
  • Prioritized restoration sites for each of the 13 towns in Nassau and Suffolk, including specific project recommendations, to help focus municipal attention and funding

Click here to download the Long Island Diadromous Fish Restoration Strategy


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